The majority of my schooling came under my father's guidance. Mr. W.D. Aberdeen studied through Ryerson Polytechnical in in Toronto Canada years ago. He is also a jeweller but I had no interest in that work. I did quite a bit of work through the the provincial apprenticeship in British Columbia with Dad when I was in my late teens. I then went on to study in Toronto with Mr. Joseph Rugole. 
Mr. Rugole was a tremendous asset as a teacher and mentor. 

Ian looking younger than he really isI had a fine second year teacher in Michael G. Cosby who was gracious enough to allow me to abandon the curriculum and work exclusively on old styles of repair in my third year. I attended George Brown College in Toronto Canada to study with these two fine craftsmen and was offered and advanced program which I accepted. I worked the three year program in two years. It is the traditional styles of service and repair that I learnt there, that have held me in good stead through the years since. I'd encourage anyone contemplating this career to seek out and study the British Horological Institutes's international correspondence course for wonderfully comprehesive study. I have continued to study through them and work remains as interesting as it was in the beginning. 

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