The original collar or boss that this pallet was mounted on, was not strong enough to support the rivet that was meant to hold it.

Once the new one was in place the clock could again be put in "beat" (isochronous) and it would stay that way.

Part of the fun of my job is in discovering tools. The tool I used to accurately size the hole for the pallet is displayed in the foreground. It is of my own manufacture and is copied from the gun drills of old. It's called a "D-bit" to many model engineers, horologists and machinists.  Of course a modern and commercially supplied reamer would have done the job just as well.  I did not have to wait for the correct reamer to arrive and nor did I have to stock a large selection of reamers.  I like a small foot print.

Since I found these simply constructed "D" bit type reamers I've found many occasions to use them.  They are a very handy, simple and an inexpensive tool to make.  The added bonus is that one is able to make a custom size to whatever specification is required.

new pallet boss installed and hand made d-bit