When I stopped breaking these tiny little shafts I knew I was going to be a watchmaker one day.  I hadn't thought about it in ages, but I had to replace a pallet staff recently and it brought me back to the beginning of my training with my Dad, W. D. Aberdeen.  He was a brave man to tolerate a young beginner at the watch bench.  

close up pallet fork and staff


The pallet shaft is the smallest shaft in a mechanical watch and made very small in a delicate woman's dress watch.  Here it is on the trunk of the car as a reality check.


pallet on the car trunk


The staking tool is a very useful tool for this type of work.  It provides a square and level table to push, rivet and peen metal into or out of place.  It has a big assortment of punches and dies.  A simple and very useful tool.  A pallet is so small I will use a small drop of oil on the punch to hold it in place while I position the pallet fork beneath the staff before fitting it into place.  


staking tool with a punch in place


close up of a watch in the staking tool


close up of a wach in the staking tool