double box packing
The principles are pretty simple. Use much bigger boxes than you need. Use two boxes, one inside the other, with plenty of packing in and around both.
double box packing with a clock

The pendulum, weights and any other loose items that need to be shipped along with the clock or watch require individual packing. Bubble wrap and padded shipping envelopes are key to success.

If you can shake the box and move the item inside you are NOT done packing. You should not have the piece moving inside the packing after you are done with it.

double box packing adding smaller packages
The finer details of this process such as questions about carriers to do the job of shipping and issues regarding border crossings and insurance are available on request.



The efforts in packing need to be taken very seriously. If you are not experienced with the process it is wise to hire a skilled and reputable specialist to do the work for you. Once a piece has been lost or damaged, it is very hard to get back what is lost. Damage and loss are to be guarded against at all costs. It is easy to ask questions ahead of time if you have doubts. The answers after the problem arises are often hard to stomach. 

Please do make sure your labels are exactly to the specifications of your shipping company. Please ask as many questions as you need to learn to do the shipping properly. 

There are some excellent references for shipping. Ask me and I'll get you a contact number or address nearest you.